Our Story

Thxalot was originally created as an app sharing gratitude. Good idea! However the app crashed! Not that good! Nice try though!

Since then we have been rethinking about what to do.  In fact, we still are…! Meanwhile we have made some T-shirts we hope you might find interesting enough to buy. With the money we eventually make, we hope to come up with something cool and fun some time in the (near) future.

Note! “We” is currently “I”. Not a huge company, but we aim for something BIG!

Do you want to help us? If you have any good idea of what we can do, please contact Chief Thanking Officer, hugo@thxalot.com.

Maybe your thoughts will be a part of our story next time we update this section.


The staff

We have an idea that it woukld be great fun to create something around the very nice word thxalot.

Currrently the only person “working” on that “the” idea or project if you like, is me, Hugo. I am the Chief Thanking Officer. Fancy title!

The next person on board could be you if you fancy the title Chief Digital Thanker.  

Vague? Oh yeah! Opportunity? Could be!

Curious? Contact me at hugo@thxalot.com